Paul + Yiota Anagnou

Paul and Yiota Anagnou are experienced, creative, fine art photographers who live in Athens with their two children. They started shooting many years ago and returned to analog after a four year hiatus, unable to resist its siren song. They love the imperfections that come with real film (as opposed to digital). The organic, earthiness that one can only achieve the old fashioned way. It’s a unique kind of soft focus and timeless quality that lends itself so perfectly to wedding photography, along with a vivid colour palette that you simply can’t achieve with digital. Paul & Yiota spend their lives travelling through Europe shooting some of the world’s most beautiful weddings and have over 20 years of adventures and experience behind them. They operate a hugely successful business that affords them both creative license and professional freedom, and are ready to share their expertise with you. They firmly believe that the best artists are those who know how to pass on their skills and how to contribute to another’s artistic growth. Over the years, the photographic community has given them so much and it is a joy to give back. This year, they have decided to host a workshop for aspiring photographers and share their passion for their craft. They can teach you how to become a better photographer, how book clients without spending a dime, how to juggle work commitments with family life and how to run a business in a way that makes you happy.