Justine Milton

Hey, I'm Justine Milton, I photograph weddings with my husband, Alan Carey, my second shooter, film loader, and assistant. Together we travel all over the world capturing love stories and teaching. 

My style is a mix of fine art and photojournalism. I capture naturally beautiful moments as they happen. It is an incredibly humbling job, to be trusted to document couples life long memories, and that is what we focus on most; timeless imagery that will evoke all of the emotions you and your family felt on the day.

I firmly believe in getting things right in camera, not fixing them afterwards. I think light is truly one of the most important aspects of photography, having a technical understanding of light and how it reacts in different surroundings and how to best control it, you can create any look or style you want. Having a vast knowledge base of film stocks, how they differ and render certain colors and handle different lighting and processing helps push the limits of using film.

You can check out my website below for more info about us and to see more of my work and about my past workshops!